The Fallen Lands of Westerness

An Ill Arrival

The heroes arrive in Westerness under unexpected circumstances.

The party was en-route to the city of Dalinir aboard the merchant ship Adderline. An unexpected storm arose and the captain of the Adderline (Capt. Beval Trousk) noted that the ancient lighthouse known as the Sunspire, a ruin from bygone ages, was not visible when it was expected it to be. Soon, the crew spotted another ship wrecked upon the shore – from which the heroes could hear terrified screams for help and high-pitched death-wails. The Adderline could not approach the shore very closely, due to the storm and the rocky coastline.

The heroes, being heroic (or bored, or railroaded into action… whatever) approached the storm-wracked shore in a dinghy piloted by one of the Adderline’s crew (Maghra) and found the survivors of the wreck under attack by a small horde of undead. One of the undead soldiers appeared to be capable of raising the recently deceased as his zombie minions. The heroes saved most of the crew of the wreck, which Maghra transported back to the Adderline, promising to return for the heroes (the dinghy could not carry everyone in a single trip). Sadly, Maghra was swept under the waves as she returned, leaving the heroes to destroy the remaining undead.

Captain Trousk, from the deck of the Adderline, tried to signal to the heroes something – perhaps indicating that he would await them further down the coast, or that he would return for them – it was difficult to understand.

Once the undead were dealt with, the heroes elected to investigate the nearby Sunspire, which was now aglow with a vile green radiance, and which also seemed to be the hub around which the strange storm was rotating. High up the tower, nearly lost in the storming sky and the green glimmer of the tower itself, a battle seemed to be waged – something with huge black wings swooped about the tower, battering at an unseen foe. With a roar of pain, the black-winged thing seemed to retreat, and soon the storm abated.

At the base of the tower the heroes found what appeared to be a specter – some ghostly being was hammering against the Sunspire, trying unsuccessfully to gain entry. The ghost introduced himself as Anarus Kavrum, high magister of Trokare. He became enraged when he got a close look at Sapphire (Eddie’s character) – claiming the order she belonged to was to blame for the loss of Trokare. The heroes found themselves battling against Kavrum and his ghostly brothers.

Kavrum relented once his allies began to fall to the heroes, and called for peace. He explained some of the details surrounding the fall of Trokare, a ritual to summon aid from “Beyond the realms of men and Gods” which was interrupted by interlopers from the Shadows of Rath. The botched ritual seemed to cause the planar conjunction which brought ruin to all the lands of Westerness and left Trokare sunken beneath a new-formed swamp. Since that fateful day, Kavrum has been cursed to wander the swamp in an insubstantial and undying state, caretaker of a ruined nation, heir to the dead (and un-dead) of Trokare.

Kavrum explained that this very night something had changed – a power had invaded the Sunspire and perverted its arcane energies – locking him out of the tower and raising the storm. Whatever happened also brought the attention of Nagendrix, a black dragon that lairs in the ruins of Trokare and is worshiped by the lizardfolk of the Willowmire – the dragon approached the top of the tower and seemed to be driven off after a fight.


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