Welcome to the edge of civilization’s shadow.

Across the treacherous passes of the Godspeaks, over the cold, bleak waters of the Mourntide, past the winding mazes of the Thornwood and beyond the Everburning Isles, prospectors, fools, adventurers and madmen make their way to the far shores of Westerness, where the splendors of broken empires and the fortunes of forgotten kingdoms await those with the cunning, strength and will to sieze them.

Throughout the long ages, the rulers of Elsere’s many kingdoms have sought to tame the wildnerness of this distant land. Ancient Arkhosia sent fleets of dragonships to swarm the rocky coast of the Hyir region, fabled Bael Turath wrought arcane pathways into secret places of power scattered within the tomb-temples of the Charnelmounts and bloodfanes of Lankstone. Even lost Nerath laid the foundations of a vast barony along the shores of Stormtamer Bay. Wars, disasters and the terrors of these unknown regions kept these various invasions and colonies from succeeding, and the mysteries of Westerness have remained to taunt explorers and tempt adventurers from Elsere over the centuries.

Stories and rumors are rising again from across the Burning Sea, of time-lost treasures and revealed ruins, rumors of wealth and plunder to be had, tales which drive the restless and reckless into action. Travelers tell of new-found veins of gold and silver being unearthed within the Skyscorn Mountains. It is said the mysterious keepers of the otherworldly wood known as Thurandiel have ended their reclusive ways, and now the fey folk offer wondrous wares and strange spirits along the trade routes. And, perhaps most enticing of all, the ruins of Trokare are said to have risen from the depths of the Willowmire – within those broken towers and defiled temples the riches of one of Nerath’s greatest achievements may lie waiting.

The Fallen Lands of Westerness

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